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Prisoner 929
The Sun Magi
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Iris is a young girl who was bred as part of a program to create a perfect focus for magical energy. Malygos used her as a conduit to absorb all the magic in the universe.

She is small and slight of figure, with long white hair and bright violet eyes. During her time in Supermax 429, she wore a wispy brown dress, though she exchanged this for fine robes after her escape.


Early Life[edit]

Iris was born into a program run by a group called the Sun Magi, who wished to create the perfect living conduit for magical energy. The magi experimented on Iris, who was continually dissected, filled with magic, and revived over an extended period of time. Eventually, the Sun Magi achieved their goal, and Iris was gifted with unimaginable power. However, she immediately used her newfound powers against them. Iris destroyed Sol, its surroundings, and two thousand people who resided there. After her crime and her power level was discovered by the Galactic Government, Iris was captured and locked away in Supermax 429. Iris was contained within a specialized cell fitted with a device that sapped her energy, preventing the use of her powers. She was designated as Prisoner 929.

When Malygos learned of Iris and what she could do, he ordered Aluren to break her out and deliver her to him. Aluren found help in the form of a ragtag team of mercenaries gathered by Ozar, who were also planning a raid on the prison. When Aluren and the mercenaries successfully broke into Supermax 429, she quickly located Iris and deactivated the workings of her cell. Aluren made Iris an ultimatum: either she would choose to leave with her, or remain in Supermax 429 and rot in her cell. Iris reluctantly chose to leave with Aluren, and boarded a shuttle with her.


Soon after, the shuttle carrying Iris and Aluren landed at the Imperial Palace on Dominaria. Malygos introduced himself to Iris and reassured her that he meant her no harm. He also named her "Iris", for up until that point, she had no name. Malygos informed Iris of his intentions to use her as a conduit for magic to increase his power and use it to wreak revenge on those who had hurt them. Iris agreed to his plan and stepped inside the machine that he and his scientists had constructed. When it was activated, Iris used her power to redirect the magic flowing into it into Malygos's body, destroying his physical form but transforming him into a being of pure magic.

It is unknown Iris did immediately after Malygos's descent back into a physical form.

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

During Mazkertis's rampage throughout the universe, Blackout sent a team of Brotherhood Makuta to capture Iris, having somehow obtained her location. Bitil and Barricade, two of the Makuta involved in the operation, brought her to Kalta Thaea, where she was imprisoned by the Kindred. Lord Zrintch referred to her as the last piece of the puzzle.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

As a result of the Sun Magis' experiments, Iris has the power to absorb and redirect magical energy. With the aid of a leyline-rerouting machine, Iris was able to temporarily absorb all of the magical energy in the Original Universe and redirect it into Malygos.