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The Invisory Commission (INVC) is a division of ZFT charged with maintaining security on the planets under ZFT control. Its original leader was Isaac Vopos, but when he fell out of favour with Blackout he was replaced by David Robert Jones.


After its creation, the INVC immediately began sending its agents everywhere. Many individuals were reassigned from intelligence positions and made INVC officers.

Colonel Nord-Eib was assigned to Osseron and Inquisitor Gaia on the Titan, while Axel F was assigned to the ZFT embassy in the Dark Mirror Universe.

When the Uterio War ended and the hunt for war criminals began, the propaganda machine kicked in and people like D-Klak were included in the list of war criminals. Axel F, Fero (SMU), Branar (SMU), Theodore and Harold were ordered to bring him in. Roughly at the same time, INVC chief Vopos was fired, arrested, and replaced by David Robert Jones.