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The crew of the Unifeyed,
inc. Yon, Nov, and Cos
The Ta'har
Home Reality

Inv Chiniv was a purple-skinned Terugan and a member of Yon's original crew.


Inv was one of several Terugans (the others being Nov and Cos) who were recruited by Yon to serve as pirates under his command aboard the pirate vessel Unifeyed.

At some point during their adventures, the crew of the Unifeyed accidentally travelled through a plothole that led to the Shattered Mirror Universe. In their search for an exit, they drove too close to the Shattered Mirror Tybion and so were captured by the Ta'har. The Ta'har imprisoned Inv and his allies in a complex on the planet's surface, which is where they stayed until they were found and freed by Vorahk-Kah, who had previously absorbed the energy of an anomalous nebula and grown to massive size as a result. Vorahk-Kah grabbed the Terugans and placed them on top of his head, instructing them to hold on for dear life while he fought against the Ta'har forces amassing against them. Unfortunately, Inv lost his grip during the battle and slipped off Vorahk-Kah, falling 3000 feet to his death.