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Iedas (pronounced EE-DAS) are a family of races found in several islands of Subnixus. They are thought to have been originally Kernians, but they have changed with the isolations of the islands they live on.

Iedas came to be in all occasions when half evolved Kernians came over to the islands somehow (Land bridges) and continued thier evolution in isolation. When these Kernians came into a new enviroment, they would all die with the new dangers if it were not for intervention from the Guardians. The Guardians decided that they should take attributes from a certain adapted creature in the enviroment and transfer them over to the half-evolved Kernians. This resulted into the half-evolved Kernians evolving into what some people like to call Half-Beastmen, Kernians with animal-like changes.

An example of this is the Keketsu, a race of Iedas that came from Jellyfish that thrived on the calm pools of the small islands between Kerna and Triken. Keketsu all can change their internal density using magic, meaning that they can survive high water pressure. They all have 3 to 5 long stinging translucent tendrills that come out of the knuckles and touch the ground when the arms are at the sides. These attributes help Keketsu to survive in the environment that they live in.

Marahh Ictis is the only Iedas in the RPG so far. He is a ferret Iedas. Back in his homeland, his race have to be agile and quick to avoid several natural threats such as huge birds of prey. Ferret Iedas can also use magic to move twice as fast for a short amount of time. This skill is known from birth and cannot be taught to any other race.