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Alaine is a mostly uninhabited world, home only to the Dekan'kuy Tuskarr.

When the Uterio War was raging on other planets before this one, Genis was teleported here after opening a mysterious magical letter back on Aselia. He then met the Wiseman of the Dekan'kuy Tuskarr after crawling into his tent. Concurrently, Keichi, Quick Billy and SM Treveya arrived on the planet to find Treskis and recruit him into Uterio's forces.

More recently, there have been many conflicts on Alaine as part of the Uterio War. As such it is the final resting place of the Nakamura and was the temporary home of Toa Komerak in his days as an outcast, before he was recruited into the Platinum Lanterns.


  • Originally, Alaine was simply known as the Icy Planet. Since this was a rather poor descriptor, a contest was declared to find a name for it, and Alaine won, getting 2 out of the 4 votes cast.