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The Icarus was an orbital satellite built by the Brotherhood of Makuta which was equipped with a quadron energy cannon capable of disintegrating anything not made of intritium with a single shot.

The Icarus was erased from existence when Blackout used the Vahi Cube to rewind time by six months, but it was rebuilt following Blackout's takeover of the universe.

An alternate-universe version of the Icarus was used by Xeno in an attempt to destroy Roxtus. However, this attempt was stopped by Blackout's own Icarus, which destroyed the alternate version of the Icarus. The Ynot hailing from that dimension attempted to use Blackout's Icarus to destroy Roxtus, only for the satellite weapon's failsafe mechanism to activate, disintegrating the Makuta with an antimatter beam.

Alternate Universes[edit]

  • The Shattered Mirror Universe's version of the Icarus was a component of the Enterprise. Ta'harok pulled it through to the Original Universe and used it to attack Darkmount, since he was under the impression that OU Blackout was SM Blackout and wanted to punish him for his crime. Since the Enterprise is now non-functional, it is assumed that the Icarus is too.
  • The Ynot Fallen Universe's version of the Icarus was owned by its Ynot, who had taken over the Matoran Universe. One day, OU Xeno stole it and tried to use it to destroy the OU's Roxtus, but this attempt was stopped by OU Blackout's own Icarus, which destroyed the YFU's version. YFU Ynot followed the teleportation signature and arrived in the OU, where he tried to use the OU Icarus to destroy Roxtus, but he accidentally activated the satellite's failsafe mechanism instead, which disintegrated him with an antimatter beam.
  • The Ynot Risen Universe also has an Icarus, which is again owned by its version of Ynot. It is seemingly identical to the YFU's one.