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Homunculi are artificially created beings with special powers, with a mind, soul, and spirit connecting them to the body. Currently, only six are in existence of the original seven Malygos created. All Homunculi (save for Envy as of its resurrection) serve Malygos. They were each named after one of the seven deadly sins. Each Homunculus - With the possible exception of, once again, Envy - Is connected to a crystal in Malygos's possession.

  • Envy (Formerly Deceased) can transform into anything
  • Lust can transform her fingers into swords that can cut through anything.
  • Gluttony can dissolve any material with his saliva
  • Greed can create a nearly impenetrable shield over his body
  • Sloth is made of fluid that she can control with her will
  • Wrath can perform alchemy, transmuting one thing to another, and can merge things with his own body.

All can regenerate their bodies extremely quickly.

All are currently part of Malygos's personal escort, except Envy, who was killed when he/it tried to conspire with Zev Raregroove to kill Malygos. Following its revival, however, Envy is serving an unknown benefactor who revived it from its unusual state of death.