Hollow Ynot

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Hollow Ynot
Formal Name
>100,000 years
A jet black Claymore
Ynot (by force)
Ynot, anyone in front of him that is annoying
Home Reality

Hollow Ynot, abbreviated HY, is Ynot's split personality. How he came to be is not known. He usually only surfaces when Ynot is taking a major beating and all else has failed. The shift to him is usually indicated in Ynot's eyes, as they change from their standard to black and yellow. To a further extent, if he REALLY starts to take over a bone white mask with red markings will cover his face.


HY is psychotic and out for blood. He has stated and proven that he doesn't have the same moral code that the original Ynot does.


HY appears sporadically throughout time, mostly when Ynot is at the brink of death, which is becoming less and less frequent. Most recently, he emerged when Blackout stabbed Ynot in the face and his body split in two, One half him, the other the original.

Since this incident, he has proven to get along with Ynot, to the extent of Ynot being his host, and not wanting to be homeless. he even tag-teamed with him against Xonyt and the Shattered Mirror universe incarnation of Ynot, and when he thought he was going to lose, brought some of the largest Hollows to aide him, only to have the Primes beat Xonyt, and SMY be knocked unconscious.


He wields the seventh Spiritual incarnation of Ka-Oni-Santsu, The Leviathan, represented in Shikai form as a black Claymore. The reason he wields it instead of Ynot is that Ynot possessing all seven would bring about the end of the world... shoot, he just took it!


  • HY's real name is Ynohtna (Anthony backwards).