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A star system in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Hei Fon System has been described as one of the largest concentrations of wealth in this area. It is also home to the Fon Pirates, the region's largest space pirate crew. No one can say for sure whether the Fon Pirates arose due to the abundance of money, whether they themselves caused the larger part of the fortune to settle in the system, or whether it is a symbiotic relationship in which the money flows in a cycle.


Most of the system's planets are habitable, but a decent number are completely unsuitable for colonization. Below is a list of all the planets seen thus far in the RPG:

Hei Fon 4[edit]

A mild, sunny planet, Hei Fon 4 is the location on which Fred Luo's security and military technology conglomerate has placed its center of operations; this very compound seems to double as his own private mansion.

Hei Fon 5[edit]

An entirely ocean planet, Hei Fon 5 is a treacherous planet where countless wrecks have gone down, and where not even space pirates nor outlaws dare to tread. Without any kind of landmasses to catch the tides, waves whip around the full breadth of the planet until they become as tall as skyscrapers. Exacerbating the danger is the extremely powerful gravitational field, which can draw in - From anywhere closer than the planet's moons - Any ship traveling at below full-speed. Additionally, the planet's top predators are a species of huge crustaceans, living fossils; they are incredibly territorial and sensitive to teleportation nearby them.

Hei Fon 6[edit]

A dusty planet whose climate resembles that of Mars, Hei Fon 6 is moderately cool and has been colonized to a substantial degree of success.


  • The Hei Fon system has an incredibly high standard of living compared to most systems.