Haruko Haruhara

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Haruko Haruhara
Unknown; human or human-like
An extremely durable and loud guitar
Interstellar Patrol Fraternity
Home Reality

Haruko Haruhara is a member of the "Interstellar Patrol Fraternity", and an ally of Zev's. She is known for riding a sunglow Piaggio Vespa SS 180 scooter and carrying a navy blue, left-handed Rickenbacker bass guitar model 4001.


It has been stated that she is a nymphomaniac, meaning - to avoid stating it bluntly - she is a bit overly affectionate. This was seen where she seemed to deliberately run over Ynot as an excuse to give him mouth-to-mouth, even though he was clearly breathing. This appears to be a reoccurring issue with Haruko, as she did nearly the exact same to User Sarge upon meeting him.

Haruko has shown to be incredibly energetic, almost to the point of lunacy. Most of her actions appear to have no rhyme nor reason, and she almost perfectly displays the textbook definition of an adult child. However, she is also surprisingly intelligent, and dangerously Genre Savvy. Haruko also leans towards "chaotic neutral".


Disregarding a few brief appearances much earlier, Haruko has made an appearance on the Space Station where many characters are gathered for a nearly-finished tournament. After the fight with a gigantic mud monster known as Grudge, Haruko has not done much in the way of plot-relevant activities. She mostly seemed to be terrorizing the Space Station's inhabitants in her own special way, and forged a growing friendship with Ryoko there.

Much, much later, she was seen on the planet Symka 3, attacking User Sarge for no inherently apparent reason. After giving him "CPR" and being flipped for her rude actions, she rode away to parts of the planet unknown.


Guitar: As mentioned, Ryoko's guitar is a navy blue, left handed Rickenbacker bass, model 4001. Besides functioning as a normal guitar would, it has a number of bizarre abilities, including, but not limited to devastating sound waves and sufficient durability to both survive impacts with well-armored machines and do notable damage in the process.

Scooter: A sunglow-yellow Piaggio Vespa SS 180, Haruko's scooter is technically not a weapon. However, her dangerous driving style and notable pedestrian impacts qualify it enough.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Little is known about Haruko's specific abilities. However, she has displayed strength, speed, and durability that are orders of magnitudes greater than a normal being, and it seems that she has incredible access to various sources of information.


  • Haruko has displayed a number of strange alternate outfits - Including a nurse costume, a playboy bunny costume, and a French maid uniform. She could be trying to say something with these particular choices...
  • In the past, Haruko has fixed curry so spicy that, among others, it seemed to knock Zev Raregroove unconscious for a few moments. However, Vi quite enjoyed the dish.