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This article is about the scientist who was imprisoned in Supermax 282. For other characters named "Harold", see Harold (disambiguation).

Harold was a scientist who was imprisoned in Supermax 282.


Harold was an established scientist at the Black Mesa Research Facility who met Steven Pinker at some point during his career. Years after Pinker was possessed by a YOURMUM parasite and given a long sentence in Supermax F███ B█████ for assaulting a group of alien delegates, Pinker grew tired of his imprisonment and wrote to Harold requesting the scientist's help in breaking him out of the prison. Harold followed Pinker's instructions and sent one of Black Mesa's Displacer Cannons to Supermax F███ B█████, forging documents that claimed that the device was a personal possession of Pinker's that must be returned to him once the remainder of his sentence had been served. All Pinker had to do from there was wait for a breakout to occur, during which he planned to make his way to the prison's storage room, grab the Displacer Cannon and beam himself to freedom.[1]

By 150,084 CMT, Harold had been arrested and incarcerated in another Supermax prison, Supermax 282. One day, Harold used a toilet but found that the stall had run out of toilet paper, prompting him to call out for someone to hand him some more.[2] JC Denton obliged and threw a roll of toilet paper into Harold's stall,[3] much to his relief. Harold finished his business and went to wash his hands, but was scared away by a tougher-looking prisoner.[4]

Harold's current status is unknown following Strika's release of all the prisoners on Supermax 282's Cell Block D.[5]


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