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Hanusa was an Angel Command who met with four others to discuss whether to wage war against the evils of the universe.


Hanusa was a dark red-colored Angel Command whose body consisted of gold metals, light, plasma, and clouds of energy. Hanusa had bladed wings and a horned sphere with a gazing white circle as its eye in place of a head.[1]


In 150,081 CMT, Hanusa met with Alcadeias, Mihail, and two other Angel Commands around a well of light to discuss whether to wage war against the dark forces of the universe. As images of Blackout and the Nightmares appeared on the surface of the well below them, Alcadeias asked Hanusa and Mihail to state their thoughts. Hanusa stated "I will not take a stance for either decision". Alcadeias decided to adjourn the meeting to give the Angel Commands more time to think, so each of the five ascended above the well and teleported away.[1]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Flight: Hanusa demonstrated the ability to levitate or fly upwards into the air, but it is unknown whether this was achieved with Hanusa's wings or through other means.[1]
  • Teleportation: Hanusa and the other Angel Commands were seen to teleport away from their meeting venue when it was adjourned.[1]


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