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Halza'aj is an Ethereal trader who owns a stall in Ja'ekel's Ka'amel Dome.



Halza'aj has silver-grey bandages containing his deep blue energies, and a thin, airy voice. He wears lightweight, pewter-colored mantle and gauntlets, a robing around his waist that hangs down to his mid-shins, and a dark blue sash. Halza'aj's stall sits at the far end of the bazaar; the wood it is built from is dry and cracked, and the banner is so faded that not even an Ethereal could read the faded, smeared characters.


Halza'aj deals in the souls of various creatures. Unlike most Ethereals, he appreciates honest, polite customers and reliable suppliers - all of which he finds in Vi - to the point that he will actually allow someone who fully deserves it a free pick from his selection. However, Halza'aj is an Ethereal merchant through and through - his first question for Vi after a few years was how her missions were paying off.


Halza'aj has been operating his stall for some time. His favorite customer is Viriathus, who has been a regular customer at his stall for several years.

Four months before Vi visited Halza'aj's stall in-game, she gave him a Greater Fire Elemental Soul free of charge. He was able to sell it for quite a profit.

When Vi needed some Condensed Souls to deal with Lisa Lisa's goons, she paid Halza'aj's stall a visit. The soul trader was pleased to see one of his favorite customers return, and they had a little chat. When he saw Vi admire a Lesser Fire Elemental Soul among his stock, he offered to give it to her free of charge to repay for the Greater Fire Elemental Soul she gave him a few months ago. Vi gladly accepted, but Halza'aj warned her that she would be getting nothing else free, because even though he liked her, he still had to turn a profit. Vi offered to bring him some loot from her next mission anyway, hoping to change his mind. She decided to buy some Pixie Souls, after which she bid farewell to Halza'aj and returned to the Swordfish IV.[1]