Guardian Fire Spear

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The Guardian Fire Spear was Kakamu's primary weapon. It was originally his battle spear, which was one of many crafted by the bladesmith Tanrus for use in the Matoran Civil War.

When the protodermis banks of Ga-Metru burst and Kakamu was washed out to sea, the spear was transformed into the Guardian Fire Spear. He used it as his Toa Tool for many years while he was working for the Order of Mata Nui. The original was disintegrated one day during a battle with Voporak, but Kakamu managed to construct another which served the same purpose. He continued to use the second one after his transformation into a Makuta, but it was lost between dimensions when his armour was destroyed. It was later recovered by the Fellowship of Kakamu, placed in the Realm of Shadows, and stolen by Trantoshen. Trantoshen has used it as his primary weapon since.