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This article is about the human member of the Team. For the deities of Subnixus also called Guardians, see Guardian (Subnixus).

Guardian is a human member of the Team.


In 150,083 CMT, Guardian was in the ruins of Mount Justice when he overheard Nightwing mention that Robin could protect Gotham while the most of the rest of the Team went to Apokolips. At that point, Guardian walked into the room and said "No disrespect to the pixie in red 'n' green, but I've seen some of the wackos you got in Gotham, he'll get creamed". Aqualad agreed with Guardian and decided to ask one of the Justice League to protect Gotham in the Team's absence, while Nightwing decided to ask Static if he wanted to take on some of the responsibility instead.[1] Guardian saw through Nightwing's dialogue and pointed out that Nightwing wanted to involve Static because Nightwing to didn't want to let Static out of his sight yet, which Nightwing admitted because Static was new and had aided the Light before (though unwittingly).[2] As Nightwing and Aqualad left the room, Guardian muttered that Nightwing had a "thick skull", at which point Impulse appeared and told Guardian not to blame Nightwing for his behavior because he had a long, apparently tragic backstory that he wanted to keep a secret for the time being.[3]

When Miss Martian instructed Impulse that he was to remain at Mount Justice during the Team's mission to Apokolips,[4] Impulse lamented the fact that he had been "grounded", so Guardian stepped in and told the speedster that he should feel honored, because their decision meant that he was trusted enough to protect their home in their absence.[5]


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