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Green Goblin
"Mazzy and I, we're gonna have a hell of a time!"
Formal Name
Norman Osborn
  • Retractable arm blades
  • Knockout gas
  • Pumpkin bombs
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The Green Goblin, real name Norman Osborn, is a maniacal member of the Kindred of Dawn.



Norman Osborn was once the CEO of Oscorp, a multinational medical and technological research corporation based on Earth. Oscorp was contracted by the United States Military to develop a new formula that would enhance the combat capabilities of ordinary soldiers, so Oscorp's scientists created such a formula under the direction of Osborn. Though it succeeded in improving the strength, durability and reflexes of test subjects, it came with horrific side effects, including delusions of grandeur and in some cases, insanity. Upon witnessing these side effects, the military official who oversaw the project gave Osborn and his scientists a very short deadline to iron out the kinks, or he would take the contract to another company. The desperate Osborn decided that he would test the formula on himself to prove that it worked. He emerged from the test chamber seemingly fine, but in actuality, the infusion with the formula created an insane, homicidal split personality known as the "Goblin". In time, Osborn discovered the existence of the Goblin, and surrendered to its lust for power and revenge.

Now equipped with a powerful armored cybernetic suit and a high-tech "Goblin Glider", the Green Goblin began tracking down and killing everyone who he had felt wronged him in his life. These killings were opposed by Spider-Man, New York's resident hero, which caused them to become each other's arch-nemeses. Eventually, the Green Goblin grew tired of Earth and left into space to seek power among the stars instead.

One of the planets he visited was Tievie, but we don't yet know why or what he did there.

Concert of Doom[edit]

The Green Goblin's first appearance in the BZPB RPG came during Kartouche's concert on Tybion. He watched Space Ryan Gosling square off against a Ta'har, and decided to intervene by jumping between them, catching the Ta'har's fist and yelling "IMPRESSIVE!".[1] Unfortunately for him, he was immediately clonked by a falling banhammer and banned from appearing in BZPB again.[2]

However, this was not to last. When Nosmilo arrived in 150,084 CMT and used a temporal displacement device to restore the planet of Tievie back to its original form, all banned visitors of the planet were also restored, Gobby included.[3][4] Gobby announced his return to User Kon and User MK by sending them a voice message of himself screaming "OUT, AM I?".[5] User MK dared him to finish it[6]... so Gobby left to do just that.

Kindred of Dawn[edit]

The Green Goblin was one of the characters who journeyed to Kalta Thaea to meet with Mazkertis, a powerful mage who had risen to fame in certain circles for his plan to alter the timeline of the universe to benefit himself. The main reason Gobby wanted to join Mazkertis was so that he could have a hand in creating a new timeline which would not include many of the people that had grieved him, such as Spider-Man. He arrived aboard his glider after Genetoes and Eclipse. While waiting for the rest of the recruits to arrive, Gobby was mocked by Donald Trump, who told him that "Meme World [was] down the universe, and to the right". Gobby responded to Trump by calling his jibes "pathetic".[7]

Mazkertis accepted the Goblin's request to join him, so Gobby decided to pressure the remaining undecided, asking them if they were in or out of Mazkertis's plan.[7]

The Goblin was still on Kalta Thaea, bickering with Genetoes, when Lord Zrintch arrived and met with Mazkertis.[8]

The Eclipse Spiral[edit]

Gobby's first assignment as part of the Kindred of Dawn was to investigate the Eclipse Spiral space station, which the Republic of Luria's Galactic Reconnaissance Division determined was emitting the same energy signature as the Claws of the Phoenix's ship. Gobby was partnered with Blue and Raziel for the mission, the former of whom could use her teleportation abilities to easily get them in and out of the station. The trio materialized in a pool on the recreation deck, which Gobby didn't have a problem with thanks to his waterproof armor, but enjoyed laughing at Blue's distressed response. His schadenfreude didn't last long though, because the moment he jumped out of the pool, he slipped on the wet floor and fell on his ass. After taking a moment to repair his ego, Gobby explored his surroundings and found an elevator that could be used to access other parts of the station. At Raziel's behest, they decided to use it to investigate the operations deck first.[9]

Upon arriving on the operations deck, Gobby immediately accessed the station's computer. He used it to access a live schematic of the station, which was then holographically projected in the center of the room. According to the schematic, there were six lifesigns present on the storage deck, but when he tried to determine their identities, the computer locked up and all the electronic screens on the station displayed the message "We are on the storage deck. Free us". Blue was eager to investigate this mystery, so Raziel left with her to investigate the storage deck while Gobby stayed behind to see if he could mine any more information from the station's computer. As he dug deeper into the system's files, he discovered that it was created from User technology, but decided to keep this revelation to himself.[9]

Once he had finished with the station's computer, Gobby went to the storage deck to regroup with Blue and Raziel, but found that the area had been covered in total darkness. He activated his night vision to explore the area, and discovered that his fellow Kindred were being threatened by an escaped Great Being, Ludwig von Todesfal, who Gobby assumed was the source of the darkness. Gobby used his enhanced strength to lift a large, metal pipe nearby and swing it into Ludwig's face, sending him sprawling across the floor. In the following battle between Ludwig and the three Kindred members, Gobby used his enhanced reflexes to dodge the Great Being's attacks and his enhanced strength to beat him down. When Ludwig finally surrendered, Gobby offered to end his life, but Raziel prevented him from doing so by telling Gobby that Mazkertis could have use for Ludwig. Gobby accepted Raziel's judgement, so he had Blue teleport the four of them back to the Kindred's base on Kalta Thaea to take Ludwig before Mazkertis.[9]

Mission to Gasuhigann[edit]

Over a month after the Eclipse Spiral mission, the Green Goblin accompanied Mazkertis to the planet of Gasuhigann. However, someone alerted them that their enemies were pursuing them there: namely, Toa Bob, Malygos, and the Takemikazuchi Empire. With this knowledge, Gobby disguised himself as a distressed villager with a brown blanket and waited in the forest to ambush whoever found him first. This victim was Bob, who tried to reassure Gobby, only to be punched backwards into a tree. Gobby leaped towards the dazed Bob and attempted to turn him to his way of thinking by hypothesizing that the Gasuhigannis, and other ordinary beings, existed for the sole purpose to elevate people with powers, such as Bob, Mazkertis, and himself, to positions of power and influence. Gobby was awed by the idea of what they could create in a new timeline if they worked together, but was unable to share this awe with Bob, who rejected Gobby's offer and called him insane instead. Bob fought back against the Goblin by launching him into the air with a shockwave and driving him into the ground with his fists. However, before Bob could continue his onslaught, Gobby hurled pumpkin bombs at the Toa, forcing him to take cover. Gobby used this distraction to escape and fight another day.[10]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Exposure to the "Goblin Formula" improved the condition of Osborn's body tenfold, but these benefits came at the cost of his sanity.

  • Enhanced Strength - Gobby is capable of lifting objects many times his own weight with ease, and can throw punches and kicks capable of sending Toa - heavy, mostly-metallic beings - flying through the air.
  • Enhanced Reflexes - Gobby's agility and reflexes were greatly enhanced by the Goblin Formula, enabling him to perform acrobatic attacks and run somewhat faster than a normal man of his age.
  • Enhanced Stamina - Though he still requires sleep, Gobby can perform many physical feats over long periods without tiring.
  • Enhanced Durability - Even without his suit, Gobby can withstand a greater amount of physical damage than most human beings.


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