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Gransurg Blackmore
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Gransurg Blackmore is a vampire and one of the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors.


In 150,072 CMT, Gransurg Blackmore found solace in the beauty of a flowered planet because he grew weary of the "dark fancies" that the other 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors held dear. He sat atop a tree on the planet and gently examined a small songbird, determining it to be no older than a fledgling. As Blackmore fed the bird a morsel of food, he expressed his relief that such a beautiful planet was far from Lord Brunestud's scope, because he was sure that Brunestud would "appreciate" the planet. Blackmore then began to hum Dvořák's New World Symphony, which the songbird mimicked and joined in on.[1]

Blackmore's peace was interrupted by the arrival of a figure with a humanoid body but a raven's head and black-feathered wings for arms. The figure communicated something to Blackmore in clicks and whistles; Blackmore replied "Tell them I shall arrive shortly". As the raven-like figure nodded and slunk away, Blackmore noticed the presence of Omaha nearby and decided to introduce himself to the android with an outstretched hand.[2] Omaha took Blackmore's hand in a handshake and gave the vampire a flower, learning from Hannah.[3] Blackmore graciously accepted the flower and teleported it to an unknown location, remarking on the loveliness of the planet but saying that he must leave soon. Blackmore's attention was then caught by the appearance of an owl in the tree that he also commented on the beauty of,[4] but Omaha replied that he could not see it, or anything for that matter, and deactivated his systems in order to "rest".[5] Blackmore decided to follow suit and returned to the same tree as before, sitting on it and falling asleep. Around 20 of the raven-like creatures gathered and slept around him.[6]

Ten years later, Gransurg Blackmore returned to the flowered planet and watched as Omaha massacred a group of bandits who had set fire to a country home in order to burgle it. Blackmore commented "It saddens me when Lord Brunestud's theories on mortals are proven right. And I cannot help but pity that quiet fellow who now exacts vengeance." The somewhat saddened Blackmore left the planet through a pitch black portal and disappeared.[7]


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