Gorlam Prime (RTU)

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Gorlam Prime
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Gorlam Prime is a planet that Kakamu pretended to be from when conversing with President Nin.


Kakamu and Mephistroth infiltrated the History Museum on Teruga Prime to look for another piece of the map that would lead them to the Master Sword. While they searched the museum, they encountered President Nin, who asked them what they were doing there. Kakamu improvised by telling the Terugan president that he was a diplomat from Gorlam Prime, who was the chargé d'affaires at their embassy. Kakamu added that he was there with a friend, and telepathically told Mephistroth the cover story while Nin went to meet him. Mephistroth added onto Kakamu's cover story that he was the minister-counsellor of Gorlam Prime's embassy. Nin thanked them both for being there, but revealed that he was not aware that Teruga Prime even had diplomatic relations with Gorlam Prime. Nin then walked away, so Mephistroth berated Kakamu for trying to pass themselves off as diplomats in front of the president.[1]


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