Goku Complex

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The Goku Complex is basically having unimaginable power, but never using it until someone strong enough to warrant it's use challenges the afflicted.

This often leads to a low level character becoming the strongest very fast when they are faced with an opponent stronger than they were before.

Known Afflicted[edit]


  • Trixitin: Every time Ynot reaches what I've gauged as 55% his naughty half gets to have fun.
    *He inclines his head toward Ynot*
    Trixitin: I'd say his average combat level is 25%, which is what he's at now. Ka-Oni-Santsu's Shikai brings him to somewhere in the 30's, Bankai gets him to the 40's.
    Blade: Are you serious?
    Trixitin: Yes, entirely. We have never seen Ynot at 100%, Probably never will
    Blade: Why do you think that?
    Trixitin: Something I came across in the Knowledge Dimension called the 'Goku-Complex'. Basically, He'll Never Use 100% til he finds someone who warrants it. And so far the strongest being in this universe warrants 50%. Do the math--- Trixitin explaining the Goku Complex to Blade


  • The complex gets its name from the main character in Dragon Ball Z, who miraculously gets stronger every time someone stronger shows up.