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No, that's the OTHER G-Mod. *Facedesk*

God-modding (Also occasionally known as G-Modding or GMing) is the act of exceeding one's power limits. It is frowned upon, and offenders may face such punishments as being teleported away, having their actions undone, and being exiled from the BZPB multiverse.

God modding can also be claimed when a user decides to avoid an attack, which is generally unavoidable. Characters, such as all of TMV's characters, fall into this category. An example of this is as follows:

First of all, say Player A's power was to crush the opponent with large objects, and that Player B's powers do not include teleporting.

"Player A: Drops a massive boulder on Player B

Player B: Teleports away from the boulder and shoots laser beams onto Player A"

But this is not where it ends, there are some scenarios that even teleporting away cannot save your character, for example, the time where one of JS' characters throws TMV into the sun, and TMV somehow teleports away, unharmed, after suffering the unimaginable heat and radiation of the sun.

These are however, bad examples of god-modding. If we are to follow these examples, then many players are guilty.