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Glace, the "Winter Queen", is a faerie and the ruler of a court on a snowy planet. One day while walking outside, she came across the recently deceased body of Draela Zor with only an alien, Pfae, nearby. She took Pfae back to her court, where she accused her in front of a jury of Zor's murder. Pfae used her psychic powers to prove that it was not her who killed Zor, so Glace accepted the evidence and found her not guilty. She then gathered several teams of faeries and went out looking for Zor's true murderer. She eventually managed to destroy the culprit with the help of Pfae, and the two parted ways.

Some time later, Glace was abducted by DU Monarch and placed in the UG for an unknown reason.

Abilities & Traits[edit]

Glace has limited magical powers. She has been seen using spells to create constructs made of ice and to make herself invisible. Her skin is a bluish-white colour and she wears a white coat. She carries with her a sword, which is a shard of black ice inscribed with magical runes.