Gingko Freecs

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Gingko Freecs
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Gingko Freecs is a character who Master Big Star suggested should watch over the Keruvim.


In 150,081 CMT, Uterio di Armechio gathered the Council of the Great Beings to propose a motion to declare war on the rest of the BZPB Multiverse. During the meeting, Master Big Star alerted his fellow Great Beings to the fact that the Keruvim, an artifact integral to their future plans, was in danger of being activated aboard Space Station 31337. He stressed that if the Keruvim was activated in this state, both it and the station would be destroyed because the station had been inundated with Wekiga's dark energy. To ensure that the Keruvim was kept stable, Master Big Star suggested that the Great Beings should enlist other characters to monitor the situation. He then materialized the names of six characters, including Gingko Freecs's, who he recommended for the task.[1] However, the other Great Beings were less enthusiastic about this idea, with Arceus questioning the trustworthiness of Master Big Star's candidates,[2] and Coro stating that such enlistment was unnecessary because they already had Klak and the Knights of the Keruvim to protect the Keruvim. The issue was put to rest by Angonce, who decreed that it should be discussed at another time.[3]


  • Gingko Freecs is probably a reference to Ging Freecss, a character from the manga/anime Hunter x Hunter.