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Political Presence: None
Cultural Advancement: Unknown / None
Size: Medium-Large
Climate: Part-Swamp, Large Oceans
Settlement Priority: Low

Most dangerous planet in its system, Ghu'uhr has resisted settlement ever since its discovery. Home to many large, dangerous arthropods and other related creatures, it is strongly advised to avoid this planet if at all possible.


Consistently hot and humid, the vast majority of Ghu'uhr's land is covered by thick swamps and jungles. In some places, the foliage knits together into a near-impassable wall of wood and vines.

Just beyond this, Ghu'uhr possesses wide stretches of distinctly unpleasant coastline. The beaches of Ghu'uhr's seas are possessed of dark brown, greasy sand, which give off a profoundly foul stench. Further out, Ghu'uhr's ocean is murky, dark, and grows progressively tumultuous as the coast is abandoned.


Most of Ghu'uhr's wildlife appears to consist of large, bloodthirsty arthropods and their relatives. This includes the fearsome king oph'ullk and giant anomalotharye. One theory as to how these creatures grow so large is related to the possible abundancy of oxygen in Ghu'uhr's atmosphere and seas - A larger amount of oxygen to take in could allow a much larger range of growth.

Settlement Priority[edit]

Besides the apparent lack of resources, Ghu'uhr would be a horrible place to live. While airships could avoid the choppy main seas, away from land, massive storms brew that have many times proven to be the death of flying craft. In addition, there's the most obvious problem: Every environment on Ghu'uhr is inhabited by fearsome, deadly beasts of great size. All of the habitable areas have been firmly claimed.


  • Ghu'uhr is apparently where the unknown master of the Shima Brothers hid a "special" computer program.
  • It has been said that a sentient race - The "Ghurr" - Inhabit Ghu'uhr. However, as they have been said to avoid offworlders when at all possible, they have not yet been seen.