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Genis Sage
17 (as of TMP)
Older Sister: Raine Sage
"One World" kendama
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Genis Sage is a half-elf arch-sage from the planet Aselia.


Early Life[edit]

In 150,081 CMT, Genis Sage was a fourteen-year old scholar of magic who lived on Aselia under the tutelage of his sister, Professor Raine Sage. He beat his best friends and fellow classmates Lloyd Irving and Colette Brunel in every test, but would secretly let them cheat when Raine wasn't looking. Genis had also travelled to other worlds in the past[1] and claimed that he had "worked so hard" to restore his own, but this has not been elaborated upon.[2]

Genis parted ways with his sister to go on an adventure of his own and felt a strange distortion of mana that originated in the mountains of Asgard as if something was calling out to him. It was a power that "flowed out then flowed back in again", which was unlike any magic that Genis had heard of, so he knew that he had to investigate. He encountered a group of bandits in the mountain pass who made it difficult for him to cast spells on them, but he managed to pass them and proceed on the trail. The mana signature led him to an abandoned temple, which he entered and illuminated with a harmless fireball spell. On a pedestal at the center of the room was a letter that seemed to be the source of the mana disturbance. Genis opened the letter and read that it was no more than a warning to "brace himself" for an adventure that he would need all his power for. As Genis considered what this meant, he was suddenly torn out of existence and roughly teleported to the icy surface of Alaine.[1]

Arrival on Alaine[edit]

Once Genis recovered from the teleport, he examined his surroundings and found what looked like a primitive settlement nearby. He walked into a tent that radiated heat and asked the Shima Brothers and the Wiseman gathered around the fire where he was and where he could find a place to stay.[1] The Wiseman introduced himself as the shaman of the Dekan'kuy Tuskarr (to whom the village belonged) and asked Genis what his business was,[3] so Genis also introduced himself and recalled the events that had led to his arrival.[4] The Wiseman stated that he could provide shelter for Genis as long as he did work for the village in return by helping Takashima forage for food. The Wiseman also said that he knew of magic but that he did not think Genis would recognize it: to demonstrate, he projected a vision of animals running towards a mountain into Genis's mind.[5] Genis was awed by the vividness of the vision and hoped that he would learn more about their magic, but decided to get the work out of the way first and encouraged Takashima to get to his feet and help him.[6]

Caruy instructed Genis and Takashima to forage for berries and gave Genis a basket for the task and a set of furs to protect him from the cold.[7] Genis worked without complaint and bantered with the Tuskarr, who he found to be a kind and friendly people overall. The Tuskarr asked about his homeworld, so Genis described Aselia and listed its most important species and locations to emphasize its incredible size.[2]

Later, Hishima encouraged his brothers to pray for Genis and the Tuskarr as the Shima Brothers left Alaine aboard their ship.[8]

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

By 150,084 CMT, Genis had returned to Aselia. He united many magical peoples to overpower the Kindred of Dawn and force them to retreat from his world.[9]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Mana Sensitivity: Genis is sensitive to the presence of mana and can detect whenever it is being manipulated or distorted.[1]
  • Fireball: Fireball is an offensive spell that generates three fireballs in front of the user and launches them forward at a supposed opponent. Genis used Fireball to illuminate an abandoned temple but tweaked the spell so that the fireballs hovered in place instead.[1]


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