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Genetoes is a rogue Sha'lythe who broke away from the sect to join Eclipse's cult. He has recently joined the Kindred of Dawn along with his former master to serve Mazkertis.


Early Life[edit]

Genetoes was originally a member of the Sha'lythe Sect who defected to Eclipse for an unknown reason.[citation needed]

The Bringer of Chaos[edit]

Genetoes's first appearance in the BZPB RPG came when he teleported next to Masaharu, Micros, Kakamu, and Tratus, all of whom were being surrounded by Parasitic Fluff. Genetoes threatened Masaharu, saying that "Even the one who was called the lord of all Chenyromas failed to defeat me, and his son will suffer the same fate", implying that he had known and battled Masaharu's father at some time in the past. In an attempt to kill Masaharu, Genetoes used his powers to create an artificial volcano that broke out of the ground and spewed liquid darkness towards Masaharu and his allies. However, Kakamu delayed the attack for a few seconds somehow, and teleported himself and his allies away. Because Genetoes's targets had vanished, he dissipated the stream of darkness and also teleported away himself.

Genetoes reappeared when Kakamu and his son Trantoshen were being electrocuted by Darkmount's security systems. Kakamu demanded Genetoes to help them, but Genetoes replaced Kakamu's eyes with spouts of liquid darkness instead. Vorahk-Kah then appeared and fired lightning bolts at Genetoes, but Genetoes absorbed them into an orb of darkness and redirected them into Kah, which blasted him into space.

Much later, Genetoes started being followed by TBS, so he tried to shake him off his trail. Genetoes appeared next to Blackout and asked him if he wanted to ally himself with "the bringer of darkness" (Eclipse), but after receiving a negative answer (or no answer at all), Genetoes teleported next to Yon instead. Then, either Genetoes or TBS teleported Nosmilo next to them, but TBS teleported away. Genetoes started ranting about how TBS was getting in his way all the time, so Chikato appeared and sent Genetoes flying towards a nearby star.

On Lotcas, Genetoes and Eclipse worked together to beat up Nosmilo. Genetoes kicked Nosmilo in the head, then Eclipse smashed him five miles away. Nosmilo reappeared and launched a fireball at Genetoes, but Genetoes summoned a dark wind which blew the fire back into Nosmilo's face, then smashed him in the neck and tried to drown him in liquid darkness. However, Genetoes was kicked aside by Advanced Dal, who then slashed at him. Genetoes dodged Dal's attack, tore off his head, and threw it ten miles away. To Genetoes's surprise, Dal's head zoomed back and hit Genetoes in the face before reattaching itself to its body. Genetoes then summoned Eclipse to help him, who crushed Dal into a fine mist. Despite having been disintegrated, Dal repaired himself and summoned two robots called Tan & Log, who advanced towards Genetoes. Genetoes responded by infecting the robots with dark matter and sending them to Vorahk-Kah's brain. (???)

Later still, Genetoes appeared to next to 553 and smashed an orb of darkness into the head of the zombie that was threatening him. In a rather out-of-character move, Genetoes then told 553 that he should stick with him if he wanted to survive. Genetoes then dodged some blasts and attacked Kakamu, at which point Lite appeared and the two started fighting. Kakamu then stabbed the floor, creating a wave of energy that hit Genetoes in the air.

After that, Genetoes reappeared somewhere else and tried to attack Blackout, but TBS sucked him into a vortex.

During the Battle of Lantea, Genetoes appeared between the Darkmount and the Wigwam and fired liquid darkness at them, but TBS appeared and blocked one of the blasts: the wrong one. Genetoes then vanished for years, except for one brief sighting, when he fought Quolas.

The Dying of the Light[edit]

In Chapter 10 of The Mazkertis Paradox, it was revealed why Genetoes and his allies had been missing for so long. In 150,082 CMT, Genetoes had discovered the existence of the Knowledge Dimension when he travelled there through a crack in time. During his stay in the dimension, he discovered many things, such as the fact that Eclipse and the Living Stars had the hidden ability to absorb other Living Stars to increase their power. He also discovered the location of the Forest of Lights and that all Living Stars possessed the means to travel between universes - they were just not aware of it. Genetoes took this information to Eclipse, who decided to test the theory that he could absorb other Living Stars by attacking the Forest of Lights and attempting to absorb their leader, Sun.[1]

In the battle that followed, Genetoes took command of the Kra'lythe armies and led the charge on the unsuspecting Sha'lythe warriors who were present in the Forest of Lights at the time. Genetoes killed several Sha'lythe and tackled Cithus when he saw him charge at Eclipse, engaging the lightning-wielding Sha'lythe in a one-on-one duel. This duel was interrupted when Cithus's master, Vrentus, launched a telepathic assault on Genetoes's mind to determine how the Kra'lythe had learned the location of the Forest of Lights. Unable to resist Vrentus's mental strength, Genetoes was forced to reveal that he had accessed the Knowledge Dimension and learned that the Living Stars had the innate ability to absorb others of their species and travel to other universes in the BZPB Multiverse. Just as Vrentus exited Genetoes's mind, he was hit with a blast of shadow energy fired by an enemy combatant, which caused him to let go of Genetoes. Genetoes took the opportunity to escape through a portal to live to fight another day.[1]

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

Genetoes returned to the universe on Day 4 of The Mazkertis Paradox arc. He found Eclipse, who was floating through the Original Universe in a state of hibernation following an unknown conflict that had damaged the cohesion of his form. He used some kind of magical lighter to reignite Eclipse's aura, which violently awoke him from his slumber. Genetoes welcomed his master back to the universe and told him that he had awakened him because they were both "needed again".[2]

On Day 8, Mazkertis used a technique that he had read in Quolas's mind to summon Genetoes. Genetoes and Eclipse agreed to ally themselves with Mazkertis to spite the Time Guardians and to have a hand in creating Mazkertis's new timeline.[3]

On Day 11, Genetoes and Eclipse met with Mazkertis on Kalta Thaea along with several other characters who were interested in learning about Mazkertis's crusade. During the meeting, Genetoes reiterated that he and Eclipse would stand with Mazkertis. Genetoes, Eclipse, and the other characters who chose to join Mazkertis (Gabriel Ascheron, Blue, Mink, Raziel, and the Green Goblin) then became part of his new brotherhood: the Kindred of Dawn.[3]

Genetoes stayed on Kalta Thaea overnight with his newfound teammates while they waited for the final guest, Lord Zrintch, to arrive. Genetoes bickered with the Green Goblin about something just before Zrintch arrived.[4]

Later, Genetoes discovered an ancient but high-tech fortress that was partially hidden underground near the Kindred's meeting place on Kalta Thaea. When he and the Kindred ventured into it, they discovered that it was built by an ancient civilization that existed on the planet over 100,000 years ago. After disposing of the mummified alien skeletons left in the base, the Kindred decided to adopt it as their headquarters.[3]

On Day 55, Genetoes

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Shadow Blasts - The power Genetoes received upon becoming a Kra'lythe is being able to generate huge blasts of shadow energy. When channelling this energy, he often shouts his catchphrase, "DARKNESS!!".
  • Spatial Slicing - Genetoes can create a portal to another location in time and space by using his powers to "tear" reality.
  • Communal Telepathy - Genetoes can telepathically communicate with any other Kra'lythe or corrupted Living Star across space and time. However, he cannot use this to locate them.
  • Temporal Awareness - Genetoes can instantly detect any attempts made to alter the time stream, no matter when or where these attempts take place.
  • Temporal Revision - Genetoes, like all Kra'lythe, is capable of altering the present timeline by changing events in the past, though it is unknown if he has attempted to, or succeeded in, doing this.

Alternate Universes[edit]


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