Genetic Manipulator

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The Genetic Manipulator was a machine that could create 'sons' or 'daughters' of beings by extracting a sample of their DNA and cloning it to create a new person.

While inspecting the machine, Kakamu unwittingly became a DNA donor and created Trantoshen.


At some time between 20,580 CMT and 40,080 CMT, User Kon attached a Genetic Manipulator to a chute in Le-Metru, disguised it as a bomb, then gave an anonymous tip-off to the Order of Mata Nui telling them that the Dark Hunters had planted a bomb in Le-Metru. As expected, the OoMN sent one of their agents, Kakamu, to assess the situation. When Kakamu put his arm into the device to examine it, a needle pierced his armor and collected a DNA sample from him. It then "deactivated", so Kakamu handed it over to the Matoran, who placed the device in a storage closet somewhere in the city.

Little did they know that the device was still running and a new being was growing inside. Eventually, the newborn (but fully grown) Trantoshen emerged from the pod and went to find his own destiny.

The Genetic Manipulator was probably destroyed by the energy storm ruptures in the Matoran Universe.