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Gazelle was the king of the planet Ynot landed on when his journey during 50,000 Years Afloat first started. His official title was "King of Beasts", but seeing as the vast majority of the inhabitants were in fact beasts, his rule extended around the entire planet. While Ynot was there he taught him many things, including the Memory Seal technique, Six Blade Wing Style, and how to tame HY.

Gazelle has been mentioned in game several times. First when Ynot returned from his journey, he used a Gazelle Memory seal to survey the area for a shadowed being, who was never found. Then, in Ynot's battle with Pitou, he used the seal again to attack him. However, Pitou defeated Gazelle handily and repeatedly during Ynot's trip to Aeon.


  • Gazelle is named after a Yu-gi-oh! character of similar name.