Galactic Government (OU)

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The Galactic Government was once the uniting force of most galaxies in the Original Universe.

Over two-hundred-and-thirty galaxies were completely affiliated and more than double that number partially affiliated. The Galactic Government did not interfere in all matters, but demanded certain things from the affiliated galaxies in return for protection. They were also known to use and maintain the Supermax line of prisons to store enemies of the government. One of the secret prisons, Supermax 429, contains Keter-class entities such as Mazkertis and Iris.

Some members of the Galactic Government were suspected to be involved in Project Cadmus. However, as it was Rainn that was saying it, it is of questionable accuracy.

In the year 150,084 CMT, the leader of the Galactic Government, Kong, was assassinated by Boltman. Admiral Akoran Zicks immediately inherited the position of Commander-in-Chief. However, Zicks was of the opinion that the government had slowly lost influence over everything except administrating trade routes and space prisons, so he decided that it was not worth administrating. Instead of handing over the position to somebody else, he decided to disband the organization and retire, selling off the government's assets to the Blackwatch Corporation.

Notable Employees[edit]