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Home Reality
This article is about the homeworld of Sephiroth. For other uses of "Gaia", see Gaia (disambiguation).

Gaia is the homeworld of Sephiroth.


Klak once did something on Gaia that angered Sephiroth, so he began pursuing Klak across the cosmos to punish him.[1]

Sephiroth returned to Gaia when his adventures in BZPB had drawn to a close.[2][3]


  1. Klak (OU) (revision on 21:19, Jan 10, 2010): "Much of [Klak]'s past is shrouded in mystery, except that he [...] did something on Gaia that ticked Sephiroth off."
  2. Quick Billy (revision on 17:47, Oct 29, 2011): "[Quick Billy] then met Sephiroth, and they hung out for a while. Once Sephiroth left to his world, Quick Billy had decided to tend his land for a bit [...]"
  3. Akzer (revision on 05:29, Aug 30, 2011): "[Akzer] later betrayed them, allying himself with Sephiroth (who he probably was later going to betray anyway, had the character not disappeared into the Final Fantasy universe)."

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