Funny Valentine

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Funny Valentine
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"Things are about to change...The Nightmares are moving. The Dying Will Wraiths have grown hungry. Instrumentality, the Counter-Actor, Funny Valentine...If I told you what all of that meant, you'd vomit."
Prudence Franklin to Klak

Funny Valentine is a character somewhere in the Original Universe who was regarded as a threat by Prudence Franklin.


Towards the end of the Battle of Malchior IV, Klak transformed into his Nova Klak form upon seeing the death and destruction that the forces of Uterio di Armechio had brought to his homeworld. Nova Klak began to return the favor to his enemy by inflicting equal amounts of destruction upon Uterio's forces, rampaging through the ruined city, on the verge of losing himself completely. Prudence Franklin returned in the midst of this chaos and attempted to calm Klak by telling him that he must not let his anger control him, else he not have the will to overcome all the threats they may face in the future, such as Funny Valentine. However, Nova Klak was unable to process Prudence's words, for he was overcome by visions of F-Klak.[1]


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