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A mysterious type of ability recently introduced, the only two users of Fullbring revealed so far are Kugo Ginjo and Riruka Dokugamine. However, according to Kugo, Shroom, Moss, and Yuuka are all capable of using it due to their prolonged contact with Zev Raregroove.


Fullbring: According to Kugo, Fullbring works by a human or other non-magical, generally normal being injecting spiritual energy of above-average potency, amount, or just of unique qualities into an object to create a special change in the object so that it is usable in battle. An example would be Kugo's own use of his sword-pendant to generate a massive claymore.

However, the object used must have some importance to the owner - And objects which are closer to the heart, like a gift from a beloved person, a trusty weapon, or a "lucky" piece of armor are much more receptive and easier to train into a stronger form. Kugo has stated that the two types are Object and Clad - Object-Types are a separate structure through which an effect is channeled, while Clad-Types coat part or all of the user's body, and are a bit more rare.

Soul Manipulation: According to Kugo Ginjo, Fullbringers are able to manipulate their own souls and the "souls" of objects in their surroundings; supposedly with various uses in combat situations. Kugo demonstrated this by pulling on a drink's "soul" and guiding it into his mouth.


Name Fullbring Name Item Used
Kugo Ginjo ??? Sword pendant
Riruka Dokugamine Dollhouse A dollhouse
Shroom (Possible) ??? ???
Moss ??? Ivory pistols
Yuuka (Possible) ??? ???


  • Kugo Ginjo has stated that Fullbring is similar in function to the abilities of Hollows.
  • It has been implied that Fullbring is only usable by beings who are of a normal, non-magical race (i.e., human) yet have been in contact with individuals of a powerful supernatural presence.
  • Fullbring and Bleach are credit to Kubo Tite.