Fruit of Knowledge

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The Fruit of Knowledge is an ancient artifact resembling an apple, but which is supposedly capable of conveying immense power - generally suggested to be through the form of arcane or esoteric knowledge - upon its wielder. It is twinned with the Fruit of Life.

The fruit is currently in the possession of Gabriel Ascheron.

Possible Effects[edit]

It is not known what the true effect of the Fruit is, though there are general hypotheses which exist about its possible effects. Note: It is unknown if these effects would apply to the user, their offspring, their race, or all life in the universe. Very little about its power is known. The term "the user" is used, but could refer to any of the three groups that might be affected.

  • It could simply function like a normal apple, which is so say, not do much at all.
  • It could provide the user with a vast amount of knowledge. Useful, but there are already artifacts that can do this.
  • It could provide the user with all the knowledge in the universe. Very useful, but this would probably cause the user to ascend - again, other artifacts can do this.
  • Alternatively, it could provide the user with all the knowledge in the universe, but with the side-effect of causing the user to be unable to attain spiritual enlightenment, even with this knowledge. This would essentially give the user the power of an ascended being (which is to say, infinite), but without forcing them out of the physical realm. They would essentially become a god. (This is probably what Ascheron believes the Fruit's power to be)
  • It could elevate the user to the position of a User. It is unknown if this would be more or less useful than the previous effect, due to the mysterious nature of the User's existence.

Obviously, the effect could be none of the above; this is all speculation. Finally, Vexull Vyntoc, of the Sha'lythe Sect, claimed that the taking of the Fruit had caused a "breach". Perhaps the Fruit of Knowledge doesn't have an active effect that can be obtained by consuming or using it; instead, it might be that the Fruit's location in the Garden of Eden is necessary for the maintenance of universal balance in someway.