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The Froog are a non-sentient, amphibious species native to the planet Linkit. They somewhat resemble the frogs of Earth, except much larger in size. They were commonly used as mounts by the Agrippa.


Froog are typically shades of blue-green and can grow up to ten feet long. Due to the hardened scales on their foreheads and ability to cover great distances in a single leap, Froog were often used by the Agrippa in battle to charge into and even consume enemy soldiers.


Froog have been domesticated and used as steeds and couriers by the Agrippa for many millennia.

When constructing the Codrex over a hundred thousand years ago, the Great Beings installed a security system that, when alerted, would release some Froog, Agrippa, and Crystal Serpents from stasis and turn them against the intruder. This was seen when a Makuta named Kakamu tried to access the Codrex files, which caused a Froog and three Agrippa to be teleported in the room. However, Kakamu overpowered and killed them.

The Froog population was endangered when Linkit was nuked by the Brotherhood of Makuta, but following Linkit's restoration by the Sahagin, Froog are starting to breed again and their numbers are multiplying.