Forest of Lights

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The Forest of Lights is the home domain of the Living Stars. Its location within the BZPB Multiverse is secret, and it is a second out of sync with the rest of it, so nobody without time-travel abilities can find it or enter.

It is where Time Guardian recruits are taken for purification and initiation into the corps. TBS took Xigneo here when he wished to recruit him.

The Forest appears to be a part of empty space contained within an atmosphere, illuminated by the bodies of the Living Stars who live there. People who come there who cannot fly are able to float around at will without moving.

After the disappearance of the Living Stars, the Forest of Lights laid empty for some time, only being re-entered infrequently by Quolas for meditation and regeneration purposes. However, following Malygos's ascension, a crippled Blackout was banished here by the mage.