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Flare was a wandering Living Star who appeared to have mastered control of the Parasitic Fluff.


Early Achievements[edit]

Unlike the rest of his species, Flare did not appear to recruit Time Guardians for him, doing his own dirty work instead. This led to numerous appearances by him on Conpiom, a planet which he visited frequently, influencing their Royal Guard. At some point, he stopped visiting the planet, instead researching how to master control of the Parasitic Fluff. This was eventually achieved due to the extremely high temperatures of the surface of his body, which in effect paused the fluff's consumption of it, forming a protective "shell" around him instead. He could use "flare" blasts like the other Living Stars, except his were covered in fluff, making them twice as deadly.

The Prophecy[edit]

One day, he heard a prophecy given to him by TBS, who claimed that one of the Living Stars would die at the hands of a mortal who would gain the power to do so. TBS believed this to be Blackout, while Flare suspected Klak. To cancel out the prophecy, Flare decided to interfere directly with the course of events, by grabbing Klak out of space and time and firing fluff blasts at him in an attempt to neutralize the threat. The living star was surprised when Klak managed to use every known tactic to avoid the fluff, so instead of killing him, Flare made him an offer. As he desired a rest from doing all the work himself, he made Klak an honorary Time Guardian and tasked him with the assassination of Praepositus, another warrior suspected to be related to the prophecy. As there was no escaping this, Klak agreed, but forgot almost instantly about Flare's demand, as he and Praepositus were already enemies.

The Shattered Mirror II[edit]

Soon later, at the Invasion through the Shattered Mirror II, Flare accompanied TBS to help cleanse the crack in reality by smashing parts of the invading army with their giant fists and sprinkling parasitic fluff on them. Pulse, Flare's SMU counterpart, entered through the SMII and fled the battlefield.

After the death of Sun, Flare and the other Living Stars left the Original Universe to increase their power by absorbing their counterparts.