Five Kings Treaty

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A map of the Matoran Universe following the signing of the Treaty

The Five Kings Treaty was a treaty signed by five kings, including Blackout and Malygos. The exact terms of the treaty are unknown, but its main purpose was to prevent any of the kings from expanding their territory, on threat of immediate retaliation. It also gave an unknown amount of authority to the Void Knights, as demonstrated when Malygos tried to pull rank on Artrix during an interrogation.

This treaty, of course, was a major thorn in Blackout's side, as he could no longer continue his original plan to take over the Matoran Universe without taking on four other armies, which he couldn't do. With Metru Nui under Malygos's control, Blackout attempted to gain more power by deploying the Icarus satellite. When Malygos forced shared control of Icarus on Blackout, he used the Vahi Cube, rewinding time by six months and effectively erasing the treaty from existence.

Alternate Universes[edit]

  • In the Timeless Universe, the treaty was also formed, but Blackout was unable to erase it because the Vahi Cube did not exist. Instead, he looked into interdimensional space for a solution and found Caiaphus, who he convinced to help him. Caiaphus and his apprentices rampaged throughout the Matoran Universe, garnering the attention of the Five Kings and luring them to Artidax. Once there, Blackout activated the Icarus satellite weapon, destroying the other four kings and rendering the treaty meaningless.