First Fleet of Sacred Retribution

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The First Fleet of Sacred Retribution was the first fleet of ships that belonged to the Zion Cluster.

It was commanded by John Shepard and contained ten-thousand ships. They were outfitted with slipspace drives so that they could immediately retreat to another point in space in case of emergency. Each ship utilized different weapons and were crewed by several Zionists. All the ships contained spacesuits with jetpacks so that the crew could escape alive if their ship was destroyed in space or in the atmosphere of an alien world.

They were all destroyed in the First Battle of Side 8. The first few thousand were destroyed by Naju's Neo Ta'har forces, and the rest were loaded with explosives from Linkit. The crewmembers on board evacuated and set the ships on autopilot - the rest of the ships collided with Naju's, and the resulting debris from both crashed into Side 8, temporarily knocking its systems offline. However, the surviving crewmembers were soon consumed by a swarm of Parasitic Fluff. Shepard somehow managed to escape alive, albeit injured, but was nursed back to health by Commissioner Kinsler and his assistant, Branley.