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Fire Tribe
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Several members of the Fire Tribe in the Core War
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The Fire Tribe is one of several tribes that inhabit the planet of Bara Magna.


Early History[edit]

In the time before time, the Fire Tribe was founded on the planet of Spherus Magna by various Agori and Glatorian with an affinity for the element. The Great Beings on the planet selected a Glatorian from the Fire Tribe and transformed them into an Element Lord who would serve as its leader. The same was done to a chosen member of each of the other tribes, which included the Rock Tribe, the Ice Tribe, the Water Tribe, and the Jungle Tribe.[1]

When Energized Protodermis, an immensely powerful substance that transformed or destroyed whatever it touched, appeared on the planet's surface, the Element Lords of each tribe each desired to harness its power for themselves, so a war broke out between the tribes over the ownership of the substance. This conflict became known as the "Core War" because it was determined that the Energized Protodermis was working its way to the surface from the planet's core. In the war, the Fire Tribe established the outpost of Vulcanus in the region known as Bara Magna and started to drain as much Energized Protodermis as it was possible for them to claim.[1]

However, the tribes' uncontrolled mining of Energized Protodermis caused catastrophic damage to the structural foundations of the planet that the Great Beings found was impossible to revert. In 80 CMT, the planet shattered into three major chunks: Aqua Magna, Bara Magna, and Bota Magna,[1] but the planet's life continued to survive on each of these fragments thanks to the Great Beings' deployment of several artificial atmospheric shells.[2] The portion of the Fire Tribe that was left stranded on Bara Magna contributed to the foundation of a new gladiator-based societal system in which Glatorian and Agori would fight in arena matches to win resources for their tribe.[1]

Thousands of years later, the Fire Tribe worked with the Ice Tribe, the Water Tribe, and the Jungle Tribe to destroy another unidentified tribe for an unknown reason. This ruined tribe became known as the "Forgotten Tribe".[3][4]

Desert Heat[edit]

By 100,080 CMT, the Fire Tribe had established Vulcanus as their home on Bara Magna and had employed Sento[5] and Tarnok as two of their representatives in the planet's arena matches.[6] A Fire Tribe Agori named Tratus served as Tarnok's "blocker" in these matches,[7] which meant that Tratus's purpose was to stand in front of Tarnok and help him to block his opponents' attacks.[2] Sento fought the Tesaran representative Silver-Silver in an arena match, but found himself overpowered and outskilled by the outsider Glatorian and decided to concede.[5]

Meanwhile, a survivor of the Forgotten Tribe named Le Chiffre vowed to get revenge against the Fire Tribe for their involvement in the destruction of his tribe.[3][4] To this end, he allied himself with a visitor from another world named Blackout who sought to conquer Bara Magna.[3]

The Fire Tribe were shocked when the skeleton of Tarnok, which had been stripped down and inhabited by the antidermis of Kakamu, came to life and ordered them to assemble themselves into an army. However, Blackout then placed unstable hadrium inside the core of Bara Magna, which caused it to explode.[8] All members of the Fire Tribe save for Tratus, who had since been transported to the Void, were killed in the cataclysm and the Fire Tribe ceased to exist as a result.[7]

Modern Era[edit]

In 150,080 CMT, the Fire Tribe was restored to existence when Yon released a wave of creation energy on behalf of the Architect that recreated Bara Magna exactly how it was a moment before its destruction.[9]

In 150,082 CMT, DU Muta shot and killed a Fire Tribe Agori in his home as part of MECH's plan to initiate a war between the Glatorian and the Vrai.[10] This war was declared when DU Ultron caused a Vrai cruiser to destroy an Agori village.[11][12]


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