Figlio di Armechio (OU)

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Figlio di Armechio
"I'm not a monster, I'm just someone who knows how to get things done."
Dachori (Rider)
Unknown. Claims to be 832, but
may have been born earlier
(c.99,580-149,252 CMT)
A sword
Blackout (temporarily),
Malygos (temporarily)
Home Reality

Figlio di Armechio was a Dachori HYDRA head. Uterio di Armechio, his father, maintained his existence a mystery to hide him from political opponents. Figlio publicly emerged during the Post-Uterio War period, determined to create a universal revolution that would change everything to his liking. For this reason, he became an immediate enemy of the BZPB cast, though he formed occasional alliances with Caiaphus, Blackout, and Malygos.

Figlio was part of the coalition that formed to stop Mazkertis, a recently escaped wizard who had been tormented by the . However, he betrayed everyone at Shinar-Karana, revealing that he was the one who had released Mazkertis to distract the galaxy from the growing influence of HYDRA. He then attempted to take the Keruvim to use it against Mazkertis, but Black Phantom and the Knights of the Keruvim stopped him. The Rider spiraled down a path of rage as he decided to track down the wizard and kill him.

Unfortunately, Mazkertis gained the upper hand during their vicious brawl, and brutally took Figlio's life.




Figlio demonstrated tremendous intellect and perception while alive. He was able to develop intricate schemes full of foresight to further his aims. Plus, his copious amounts of money allowed him to fund various operations and bribe many officials. All of this increased his power and influence throughout the galaxy, building upon the network he and his father had developed for decades.

Aside from being intelligent, he was extremely manipulative, hiding his despicable, arrogant, and disrespectful personality behind a thin mask of kindness, and a suave demeanor. He was known for his temper, which was signaled by his eyes flaring red. Figlio was often sent into fits of rage whenever one element of his plans, no matter how minute, went haywire.


Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Fire Manipulation - Figlio could summon fireballs and manipulate the element, likely an ability gained through the genetic modification that his species had gone through several centuries prior to his birth.