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Ferox under Jarvis's control.
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Ferox is pretty much your everyday Makuta - a renowned inventor, warrior, and military strategist. Loyal to Blackout, he was part of the first group of his species that were created.


Early Life[edit]

Ferox was created as one of the original Makuta, whose role it was to populate the Matoran Universe. He was friends with Starok with whom he shared this ideal. When the Brotherhood was burdened with the task of defeating the Vrai invasion, Starok fled the Brotherhood to found the TrSBoM on another planet, and asked Ferox to join his new sect. Ferox considered the offer, but politely declined, instead deciding to stay behind on Destral with the main BoM.

Ferox was also one of the Makuta who fought in the Battle of Zev's HQ back when the Brotherhood was still stationed in the Matoran Universe. He survived the battle, and after the Brotherhood was moved to Darkmount, he continued his work there as normal.

While he was on guard duty one day, Genetoes appeared next to his post, shouted "DARKNESS!" and hit Ferox in the crotch with a ball of concentrated shadow energy. Being caught off-guard, the shadow energy blasted through to the antidermis in his crotch, causing him to double over in agony, unable to participate in the brief conflict that followed.

Later that year, he was sucked into the vacuum of space during an assault on the station, and wasn't seen since until he appeared to Turel and Rahksha much later, behaving very... strangely. This was because he was found by the human scientist Jarvis during the time he spent floating in space. Jarvis perfected a device to control Ferox's antidermis, and made the Makuta into his slave. Subsequently, when Jarvis died in the Battle of Mordor, Ferox was freed from its control and swore revenge. He proceeded to absorb most of the equipment in Jarvis' lab, and fly out into space, where he saw Muta and Muta fighting. Recognizing the former as being Jarvis' creation, he engaged them in battle.

Return to the Brotherhood[edit]

He and SM Muta continued to fight for weeks, neither of them able to gain an advantage over the other. Ferox sulked over his inability to defeat the robot, and then remembered he had gravity powers. Using these, he crushed the robot, and then telepathically called for one of his Makuta friends to fetch him. Xintrix received this message, and dropped by in a ship to pick him up. He was delivered to Ailyb-Gypte, which is where part of the BoM were at the time, as they were negotiating with the planet's Osirian leaders.

When Caiaphus, Starok, Ordak and Kulnak arrived on the planet camouflaged to begin negotiations of their own, Kulnak accidentally alerted some Ailyb-Gyptian guards when his mask was dropped in the sand. The guards called some BoM Makuta over to investigate, including Ferox. Ferox detected Kulnak's presence and knocked him out before carrying him over to the Pale Fire, where Kulnak was imprisoned in the ship's brig.

Left with nothing else to do, Ferox decided to patrol the ship's corridors. On his patrol, he spotted Axalara looking round the wall straight at him. He ran towards the intruder and blasted her with chain lightning, which leapt from her body and onto TPK, striking them both. An intense battle ensued, during which Axalara and Spotter were knocked out, but Ferox's armour sustained too much damage so he was forced to use his Kraata power of Quick Healing to repair himself. This caused him to enter a hibernative state, and TPK seized the opportunity to throw him down a garbage chute.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Density Control - Ferox's Kanohi mask, the Kanohi Kybran, is the Mask of Density Control. It increases his Density Control Kraata power, enabling him to have complete control over his own density and that of any object in his line of sight.
  • Absorption - Ferox, like most other Makuta, can absorb other biomechanical beings to increase his size and strength.
  • Shadow Energy - Ferox can create elemental shadow blasts as a means of attack, as well as shadow constructs such as Shadow Hands.
  • Kraata Creation - Ferox, like most other Makuta, can create Kraata slugs of varying types, which can then be turned into Rahkshi through the use of Energized Protodermis.
  • Kraata Powers - Ferox has access to the full range of Kraata powers, enabling him to have increased accuracy, adapt instantly to new environments, induce anger, fire chain lightning, camouflage himself, induce confusion, create cyclones, create darkness, control the density of his body, disintegrate matter, dodge incoming attacks, elasticity, create an electrical field, induce fear, increased resistance to fire and ice, manipulate gravity, fire powerful eyebeams, drain the energy of victims, cast illusions, control insects, have limited invulnerability, manipulate magnetism, read minds, disrupt molecules, control plantlife, fire plasma, create poison, unleash a power scream, heal rapidly, control Rahi, shapeshift, shatter objects, mute sound, induce sleep and slowness, blast sonics, create stasis fields, teleport, create vacuums, and control the weather.

Alternate Universes[edit]

  • On Uterio's World, Ferox was a spy for the resistance against Uterio, pretending to be under Jarvis's control. When David Robert Jones arrived, Ferox saw no reason to remain undercover, and killed his human "master". He freed TGWWEIM, Martin Hawkes and Komerak from their cells and travelled with them to Willy Wonka's hideout. When it was attacked by Uterio's forces, Ferox participated in the battle, but had his armour destroyed by the Generalissimo himself.