Fellowship of Kakamu

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Fellowship of Kakamu
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The Fellowship of Kakamu was an organization started by Vorahk-Kah to find Kakamu. The members included:

  • Vorahk-Kah (Deceased)
  • Muta (Found Kakamu and is now travelling with him)
  • Motrokh (Deceased)
  • King Agrippa (Deceased)


Vorahk-Kah was once a Vorahk who knocked 20 Knowledge Crystals into some Energized Protodermis and then fell in. He emerged transformed and intelligent with the thirst for more knowledge and power. He hacked into the database of the Brotherhood of Makuta to help satisfy this thirst, but he accidentally downloaded all the files on Kakamu into his brain. Becoming convinced that he must find Kakamu to stop Blackout taking control of the Matoran Universe instead of him, he gathered a few outcasts to aid him in his search. One of these was Muta, a confused but powerful robot, and Motrokh, an insane fusion of two Toa who was kicked out of the Dark Hunters.

Teaming up, they took over the Piraka Stronghold on Voya Nui and formed the Fellowship of Kakamu. They began capturing people who used to know Kakamu, like Toa Rabot. When the Matoran Universe was made uninhabitable, Muta teleported Vorahk-Kah, himself and Motrokh into the Realm of Shadows where they found Tratus, Kakamu's Kanohi Daran and his Guardian Fire Spear. They then teleported onto Darkmount to try to find Blackout to find out more about Kakamu. Their mission was stopped by Makuta Xintrix, who was backed up by Le Chiffre and his army of mutated Bara Magna natives.

When Darkmount took off, they fell through a portal, sending the Fellowship of Kakamu right back to where they were before: interdimensional space. 50,000 years later, they had allied with King Agrippa and persuaded him to join the Fellowship, but they were attacked by a group of Makuta shortly after. However, the Fellowship managed to defeat them this time, and they ripped Xintrix apart, getting their revenge.

Much later, they found Trantoshen and abducted him, believing he was Kakamu. After Muta scanned his mind and saw memories of Kakamu dying, he proclaimed that it was already too late for their mission. As V-K had a little rage and smashed up some stuff, Blackout located Trantoshen and them with him. V-K ordered Muta and Motrokh to cover him as he made his escape, which they did. During the brief skirmish, Blackout disintegrated the ground beneath Motrokh, causing him to fall into a pit of lava and break his neck on a rock. Muta jumped in to save him, but seeing as it was already too late, he teleported away.

Vorahk-Kah, distraught at failing his original mission, gave into his greed of wanting more power instead.

Thus ended the Fellowship of Kakamu.