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Fareste is a planet in the same solar system as Vassilan and Krustallos.

During the Battle of Krustallos, Nyatera, the Chief Supervisor of Drone Programs Inc. on Vassilan, was informed by a drone that their world was one of the planets that might be affected by the conflict, as well as Fareste and Linkit. She appeared to show no concern for Fareste, instead worrying on Linkit's behalf. The reason why has yet to be discovered.


Virtually nothing is known about Fareste, other than a foundry belonging to the Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta was located some place underground. This foundry was equipped to fashion armour and tools out of a variety of metals native to the Matoran Universe, including solid antidermis. Before the war, Kulnak travelled here in his antidermis form to claim a new set of Makuta armour after his was destroyed by TMV. At some point during the Uterio War, the foundry was ransacked and its occupants were slain by the Parasitic Fluff.

Recently, the four surviving members of the TrSBoM ventured to the foundry to forge a new set of Makuta armour made out of solid antidermis for Caiaphus. After they did so, they accidentally awoke the dormant Fluff in the foundry, which merged together to form a giant cloud.