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The Future Role Playing Game, also known as FRPG or FROG, was a spin-off of BZPB set in the year 253,074 CMT, over one hundred thousand years after the end of the original game. Like BZPB, it is a game in which players address each other in combative situations.

Due to its timeline being set in the far future, it has its own wiki in order to avoid confusion, though its articles are currently in the process of being moved here.


The FRPG was launched on May 11, 2013, and enjoyed success until user ideas and effort began to dwindle in late 2014. The last post of the FRPG came on November 21, and the topic was moved to the RPG archives shortly after.

Despite being relatively short-lived, the FRPG is believed to have spawned some of the best writing in BZPB history, with the subplot of Kakamu recovering his sanity winning the "Best Subplot" award of BZPB's Best of 2013-2014 competition, and the post in which Trantoshen dies coming second in the "Best Post" category.


The game opens with Ynot, once a hero to the multiverse, being declared a villain after he destroys an entire planet to deal with a threat to the multiverse's balance and order. Blackout tracks down Kakamu and persuades him to help him stop Ynot once and for all. However, it becomes increasingly clear that Kakamu's mind is but a chaotic mess of random thoughts, and his original datacenter managed by the Kestora is required to restore his sanity.

Meanwhile, the Users summon their secret weapon, F-Klak, and order him to vanquish Blackout, Ynot, and all other threats to the OU. He pretends to obey, while secretly assembling an army to conquer the multiverse. To this end, he allies himself with the governments of Coridan VI, Teruga Prime, and a third, currently unknown, world.

The FRPG ends with most of the main characters standing in a tent, unsure of what to do, very much mirroring the thoughts of the players towards the end of the game.


DRJ, Ynot, Kon, Klak, Malygos, Zev, Adrastos, Ferret and Niflheim all played this RPG.


  • MakutaYnot originally didn't have a character he could use in this game, but he was able to use Ynot due to it starting prior to Fall of a Hero.