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One of several forms used by F-Blackout
Formal Name
Von Ness
259,450 years
Ferak, Von Leod, others unknown
F-Klak, the Vrai
Home Reality

F-Blackout is Blackout's future self, and the ruler of the Original Universe after the destruction of the Users.


First war against F-Klak[edit]

Far into the future, faced with the rise of F-Klak and Ynot's turn to the dark side, Blackout began working to assemble a coalition to fight against them. The first person he approached was Kakamu, who had been absent for millennia. After saving him from Kakuma, Blackout convinced a reluctant Kakamu to join him in the battle against Ynot. Around the same time, he encountered the Spectral Daran in Kakamu's lab. The strange being told him that it was responsible for Kakamu's hazy mental state, and that only the Nynrah Ghosts could cure him. Blackout immediately decided that a sane Kakamu would be a much more valuable ally, and planned to bring him to Malchior IV after the battle.

Together, they cornered Ynot in a distant star system, and Blackout expounded on his desire to bring his former ally to justice. The two Makuta fought relentlessly for hours, neither gaining the upper hand. During the melee, Kakamu disappeared, leaving Blackout to fight alone. Ynot then decided to stop holding back, using his iron powers to disintegrate part of Blackout's arm. Blackout retreated, and departed for Vizima, hoping he'd have better luck with the Knights of the Keruvim. He possessed the body of a businessman called Benjamin Smith, and approached Praxter, leader of the Knights, with an offer to ally against F-Klak. Praxter, against his better judgment, accepted. They organised a training session in which several Knights would fight the Makuta, but it was cut short when Icarax's ship crashed nearby, and the Knights decided to investigate.

The Reckoning[edit]

His plans of domination were again set back by F-Klak, who created a massive empire under the protection of the Users. However, Ynot resurfaced, and, at the instigation of User MY, killed all the Users, doing Blackout's work for him. Blackout took this opportunity to lock Ynot in the Pandora's Box, and take the Users' power for himself. This allowed him to force F-Klak back into the Dark Zones, and create his own empire, with BZPower as his capital.

Even with this triumph, Blackout was not happy. Every morning, a single bead of sweat ran down his face, and he did not know why, until finally F-Klak broke out of the Dark Zones, engaging in a war for the Multiverse. Blackout ended up on the defensive, losing some of his worlds but holding onto others, like Varrock.

After learning that F-Klak had infected the past version of Malchior IV with a plague to create an army for himself and annoy himself, Blackout was angry, and sent Von Leod to the past in an attempt to "out-interfere" Klak. He then engaged in an exchange of letters with Klak. After getting slightly bored of that, he ordered Ferak to take Squadron X and attack the Minbar station.

Later, his armies conquered a mysterious icy planet. At the same time, Blackout decided that he needed to send another person to the past. This time, however, instead of sending one of his mooks, he killed a POW with the Hades Gauntlet Armagus and used his life energy to revive Rahn, a former member of the Apprentices of Caiaphus. He then told Rahn what he was supposed to do: go to the past and commit terrorist acts on Blackout's behalf. When Rahn accepted, F-Blackout introduced him to his teammate: a Makuta called Shadow Blade.

After F-Klak's fall[edit]

After F-Klak was killed during Ragnarok, Blackout found himself the de facto winner of the Reckoning. His foe's empire had crumbled into small fiefdoms run by his former generals, who were too busy squabbling among one another for territory to confront him. He was comfortable enough to let them fight, and to pick off the weakened winners later.

During this period, he travelled back to the past to attend Klak's funeral, and was surprised when Ynot used his Vahi Cube to travel back in time and rescue Klak from certain death. Upon being recognised, Blackout laughed off Blade for wanting to fight him. He didn't want to fight anyone, he claimed, he just wanted to attend the funeral. After telling Klak about the current situation, he returned to the future.

Around this same time, Malygos was freed from his prison on Dominaria by Anzu and Drakos. Together with the Resistance and remnants of F-Klak's armies, he rose to challenge Blackout once more.


Blackout has evidently become more willing to shape-shift since the Uterio War, and he has several forms that he uses regularly. Only two of these have been seen thus far: one looks like a fusion of all five Elite Makuta, and the other looks like Doctor Nefarious from the Ratchet & Clank series, and it is the one you see at the top of the page.