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Dead Mind
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Ewen was a random person who died but was somehow resurrected. He devoted his new life to enacting revenge upon Kakamu, who he felt had left him to die in his previous one. To this end, he hatched a scheme against Kakamu, but it failed, so he ran away.


In his first appearance, Ewen guffawed at the Toa Yerta and blew up a Snowman. He was later killed by Parasitic Fluff, but somehow came back, and found himself on Tatooine, where he became known as the Dead Mind, and controlled many tentacles which would randomly rise out of the sand and attack people.

However, these indiscriminate attacks did not satisfy Ewen. He wanted revenge on Kakamu, who he felt had left him to die. He got his chance when TPK teleported Kakamu to Tatooine. Ewen used tentacles to try and drag him underground, and when this failed he used a sonic attack to knock him out and then drag him underground. He then ranted about his motivations, and fought Kakamu until Ewen eventually knocked himself out with his own KILL sword. A weird black cloud then came out of Ewen's ears, and disappeared. Ewen then woke up, saw Kakamu, and tried to punch him. This did absolutely nothing, and Kakamu abandoned Ewen out of pity.


  • There was a rumor that Ewen was in fact a small, large-headed alien in control of a mecha.