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A portrait of Evander drawn by his creator
His parents
Home Reality

Evander Pelagius is a gryphon living in the wastes of the post-nuclear world of Archon-7.



Evander is a bit on the small side for a gryphon; while he looks rather large from a distance, if one were to walk up to him, they would see that he only comes up to the middle of the thigh. Like most gryphons, Evander has the body of a big cat, and the head, wings and talons of a falcon or some other bird of prey.

If one could see beneath the constant layer of dirt that covered him, they would see that Evander's fur is almost a gunmetal grey, which can make him somewhat hard to spot when flying; his feathers are almost pitch black, as are his talons and beak. His eyes are the only feature that seem to break the fold of dark coloration; his eyes are a very vibrant green, but look black under the rather dark red lenses of his makeshift respirator.


Evander is one more given to forgiveness than revenge. It takes a lot to make him angry, and even then, it is not a hateful anger. While he is kindhearted, and really does care about the people around him, he can be a bit miserly at times, given that tinkering and exploring don't necessarily provide income. On that note, he is rather mechanically inclined, as shown by his custom built respirator, patched together from an old gas mask and a rebreather he found at a junk store.


Born in the small wasteland settlement of Knife Springs to first generation gryphons, Evander was sheltered a bit in his early years; his parents feared that the scientists that ran Project Black Feather would take him away and perform all varieties of experiments and tests on their son. However, their fears were soon dispelled.

Despite the locals' initial suspicion of the gryphons, there weren't any incidents of violence towards the family, although Evander did garner quite a reputation for being a tinkerer even from an early age. One day, when the gryphon was twelve years old, he was walking home from the town's general store when he had the urge to go off and explore. He didn't venture very far, only a half mile out of town, when he found an old gas mask half buried beside a flattened tree. It was in decent shape, and when he got home later that evening, Evander started modifying it to fit him. As time went on, he adapted it even more, retrofitting an old rebreather he came across at the general store. When he turned sixteen, he began wandering the wasteland, returning to Knife Springs every now and again to visit his family.

One day, while traversing the wastelands, Model 13, Model 17 and Model 18 arrived on the planet and were heard by Evander. He was surprised by their appearance and flew off to find them.