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Etende's latest suit, minus the wings.
(Photo by Ryan Morgan)
124 (24 physically)
  • Darren Rhaloff (father)
  • Kath Rhaloff (mother)
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Etende Rhaloff is a human inventor who originally came from the planet Rhadan. A few years after escaping from Rhadan, she found a greater purpose in the Claws of the Phoenix.


Born and raised next to a scrapyard, Etende grew up as a mechanic in a family of mechanics. However, her technological skill far outshone those of her siblings, to the point where she was inventing new machines to take over household chores at an early age. Although she likes to design machines for her friends, she rarely uses any herself, with the exception of a series of wingsuits she has worn over the years. Her latest one is covered in light armour, contains built-in radar and communications systems, and defence in the form of finger-mounted laser cutters.

She has a strange otherworldly accent that is difficult to place, but her speech can be understood clearly once it is gotten used to. She had a fiery temper for most of her life, having little patience for clumsy people who got in the way of her work (or teleported her into the middle of the desert, or accidentally materialized in her bathroom while she was taking a shower). After her eyes were opened to the universe beyond Rhadan, and finding a greater purpose in the Claws of the Phoenix, she has mellowed a great deal to the point of maintaining an almost constant sense of wonder.


Early life[edit]

When Etende first became noticeable in the OU, she was moping around with two of her friends from her schooling days, Kensa and Jarvis, on Rhadan. With them, she traveled across various cities, meeting interesting people and trying to sell their inventions. Etende became famous in her village for her most successful invention - an exoskeleton containing several layers of fabric around the arm pieces. The fabric is linked from the wrists to the waist, and because it is made out of a super-light material, they can be successfully used as wings. She spent a lot of time flying around her village wearing it, and loved it so much that she never considered selling the designs, or was even seen taking it off. Some people joked that she had even turned into a bird, as she seemed to be more at home in the sky than on the ground.

One day, when she was with Kensa and Jarvis, they became stuck in the middle of the desert due to a miscalculation of the co-ordinates of Kensa's teleportation pod. This was when she was about 25 years of age, and 102 years ago. Luckily for them, Jubei's ship was hovering over the area, and he offered them a lift back to civilization in return for questing for him. Knowing of the bandits that roam the desert regions, Etende decided not to trust him and flew off to scout the area instead. She flew around for about half an hour before spotting a sandstorm on the horizon, forcing her to locate Jubei's ship and land on top. Jubei let her in through the hatch despite her initial rudeness, and gave her some tea, after which she relaxed and opened up about herself.

She, along with the others, then traveled to the Anemos Sanctum to begin these tests. Alas, here is where the information runs out.

Somewhere in this time period of between 100 years ago and the present day, it is known that she drank the Jarvisian Life Elixir, which made her seemingly invulnerable to the physical effects of aging. Only her, Jarvis and Kensa drank it, before it was stolen by an unseen warrior. As she grew older around her friends, she became attracted to Jarvis, and was due to marry him before his sudden disappearance.

Claws of the Phoenix[edit]

While meditating, Seran Dol-Abi had a vision from the Force that involved him taking Etende to a ship in the orbit of Phyrexia. He found her on board the space station and tried to persuade her to come with him because it must be important, but she refused, so he sent her to sleep with a mind trick and dropped her off at the Prime as foretold. When Etende came to and found herself surrounded by a variety of robotic-looking aliens, she was hesitant to listen to what they had to say, but was reassured by Quolas with a demonstration of his abilities. Stepping forward, Makuta Ynot revealed that they were gathered there because Lord Malygos of the Dominion had just absorbed all of the ambient magical energy in the universe, and that they had to stop him. Klak announced that he would form an organization called the Claws of the Phoenix to combat major threats like Malygos, and that all were invited to join. Etende saw this as an opportunity to escape her boring life, and immediately signed up. When the threat of Malygos was replaced with the threat of Mazkertis, Etende fought the wizard twice with the other members of the Claws, once in Quolas' fortress and again on Malchior IV. Following the second battle, she built an upgraded wingsuit for herself (dubbing this one the "jetsuit"), and accompanied Klak, Nadle and Quolas on a mission back in time to bring D-Klak to the present. Once that was done, they attended a PLATO meeting, then went to a white church to regroup with Micros and Masaharu and meet with Klak's mother.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Being a natural-born human being, Etende has no natural powers of her own, unless you count her technological prowess and ability to drink multiple Gapyriad Whiskies without passing out. However, thanks to the Jarvisian Life Elixir and the capabilities of her suit, she has a few abilities to note:

  • Decelerated Aging - Due to the effects of the Jarvisian Life Elixir, Etende has only aged four years while a hundred have passed around her.
  • Flight - Etende can fly via the wings and jet boosters attached to her suit.


  • Etende, along with Kensa and Jarvis, first appeared in the BZPB spin-off RPG Heat the Soul.