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Etende's ship
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"This ship has no pilot, but it'll take you wherever you need to go. Just say the name and it'll fly you there."
User Kon to Etende, The Mazkertis Paradox Chapter 5: Power Play

Etende's ship is a ship that was given to Etende Rhaloff by User Kon.


Though this vehicle is described as a "spaceship" - a ship that travels through space - it bears no similarity to any other spaceship seen in BZPB. Most of this ship consists solely of a thick but hollow shell with a chrome metallic finish. The interior of the ship contains virtually nothing - only a command chair and seats with seatbelts for passengers when things get turbulent. Likewise, it is equipped with no visible computer or navigation system, but somehow always manages to reach its destination while avoiding collisions with other vessels and objects. If the ship does contain a computer or similar technology that helps guide its course, it is hidden well within its hull.

The reason that the ship does not contain any electronic interfaces is because the vessel is controlled entirely by voice command. If there is something that Etende wants the ship to do, all she needs to do is give it vocal, clear, specific instructions and it will attempt to perform the task. For example, if Etende wants to hail an enemy ship, all she needs to do is vocally instruct her ship to hail it and it will do so. However, the ship cannot perform tasks that would be impossible for an ordinary spaceship to do; for example, turn into a ball, destroy the universe, or grow a mustache.

The ship does not contain built-in personal dormitories, food supplies, or waste disposal systems. Fortunately, this has yet to become a problem because the ship always seems to reach its destination before any of those facilities are required. This is because it travels at plot-convenient speed. However, one feature that the ship does include is a set of landing gear that takes the form of six robotic legs. It is also equipped with some kind of air recycling system so that its passengers do not suffocate while travelling through space.

Now that Etende has taken ownership of the ship, it seems to respond only to her commands. However, if someone else on the ship instructed it to do something, and Etende agreed, it would proceed to execute the task as if Etende had given it.

Etende's ship seems to emit an unidentified energy signature that can be used to track it. This energy signature is identical to that emitted by the Eclipse Spiral space station, which, like Etende's ship, was created directly by a User (in the Eclipse Spiral's case, Endless Sea). Thus, it would seem that this energy signature is unique to machines created by the User characters themselves with technology found on BZPower.


This ship was created by User Kon to serve as a reliable transport for the Claws of the Phoenix when he realized that they were lacking one. After he had freed Etende, Spanha, Micros, and Masaharu from the UG and disposed of DU Monarch, User Kon took them to the roof of the User HQ and called the ship over to show them. He gave them a vague description of its function - that is, it would fly them to wherever they needed to go, they just had to tell it where - and sent them on their way.[1] Though User Kon did not state that the ship belonged to Etende alone, she was so impressed with it that she decided that it would be hers and hers alone - and given how passionate she was about this fact, nobody dared argue with her.

Later that day, Etende used the ship to drop Spanha off at a location of Spanha's choice, though what this destination was is unknown at present.

The following day, Etende used her ship to send a message to Anzu that told him that she, Micros, and Masaharu were alive, and that they would regroup with the Claws of the Phoenix soon. Anzu told Klak the good news.[2]

Over the next twelve days, Etende used the ship to travel to and from the Claws's base on Malchior IV, which was located underneath a field near the white church favored by The Norman. Etende parked next to the church on more than one occasion, which annoyed The Norman, for she was worried that landing so close to the church could potentially damage its structure.[3]

On the twelfth day, Etende used the ship to retrieve Quolas from a medical center on Dominaria and take him back to Malchior IV. She parked next to the church so that Quolas could disembark and meet with The Norman inside. Once he had left, Etende took off again to park her ship in the hangar of the Claws's base. However, Etende did not notice the presence of a scout drone in the upper atmosphere, which was operated by the Republic of Luria's Galactic Reconnaissance Division. This scout drone detected the presence of Etende's ship, recorded its energy signature, and transmitted its findings back to the GRD. Remarkable Silver, who was overseeing the GRD at the time, was satisfied that they had detected the Claws's ship, but before he could report his findings to Lord Ascheron, another Lurian scout drone picked up an identical energy signature emanating from a structure on the other side of the galaxy: the Eclipse Spiral. This discovery was reported to Mazkertis, who sent his allies Raziel, Blue, and the Green Goblin to investigate. The Green Goblin discovered that the Eclipse Spiral was constructed by the Users (or at least, one of them), but he kept this discovery to himself.[3]

Meanwhile, Mazkertis travelled to the white church on Malchior IV, which was the last known location of Etende's ship, so that he could deal with the Claws himself.[3]


  • The appearance of Etende's ship is identical to that of the Naboo Royal Starship from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.