Emporio Ivankov

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Emporio Ivankov
Emporio Ivankov.png
"Okamakov" Ryoko
Varies; usually male
Supercharged hormone injectors
Home Reality
"Vou have a lot of balls coming all zhis vay to fight me! Now vou vill leave zhis place vithout zhem!"
Ivankov to Boltman, The Mazkertis Paradox Chapter 12: Breakout

Emporio Ivankov was the "Queen" of the Kamabakka Kingdom, and the leader of all okama. He was eventually killed by Boltman in a battle between the two.



Ivankov was a huge man that towered over most others. He had an unusually large head, sported a curly afro of purple-blue hair, had long eyelashes, and had a prominent, curiously triangular chin. He dressed in a reddish-purple unitard that exposed his chest and had a large, flared collar, same-colored kneeheight boots with stilettos and fishnets going halfway up his thighs, and long gloves. Ivankov also wore a king's crown with a queen's crown mounted atop it. Tattooed on his chest was a Jolly Roger consisting of a black skull with twin black swords crossed behind it; the last thirds of both swords were bent at a right angle inward and had heart-shaped ends.


Ivankov was known for having a vaguely Eastern European accent and being overly dramatic. He tended to make flashy statements and actions, and when others (like Washu) weren't willing to put up with his shenanigans, he pouted. Ivankov firmly believed that everyone should have the right to be whatever gender they choose to be, and welcomed all "okama" (Japanese for transgendered) into his kingdom with open arms. Despite this, he had no qualms with traumatising his enemies by turning them into females via supercharged female hormones. He was incredibly confident in his abilities and was vengeful towards the Galactic Government for being imprisoned in Impel Down.


Early Life[edit]

Ivankov's exact origins are unknown, but he was at one point imprisoned inside Impel Down. He escaped during one of the many battles in the prison's history and joined the Revolutionary Army to get revenge on the Galactic Government. He also resumed (or assumed) his position as leader of the okama in the Kamabakka Kingdom. He often invited members of the Revolutionary Army to meet with him in his kingdom, but they declined due to the unstable nature of its inhabitants. Ivankov accepted this, and sometimes left Momoiro to meet up with other members of the army elsewhere.

At some point in time, Ivankov encountered Zev Raregroove. Instead of fighting him, Ivankov decided to train the Juraian instead. He also met Washu, and they got to know each other.

Spar with Zev[edit]

In 150,081 CMT, Namah exhausted herself fighting the Fallen, so Washu teleported her, Zev and Ryoko to the Kamabakka Kingdom. Aphelandra took them to see Ivankov, who welcomed them in his signature flamboyant fashion. He agreed to let them take some of the okamas' Healing Cuisine to revitalize Namah on the condition that he fought Zev to see if his abilities had improved. Zev reluctantly agreed.[1] It is unclear who won their duel, if anyone, but Zev came out worse for wear.[2]

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

In 150,084 CMT, Ivankov celebrated the dissolution of the Galactic Government with the leaders of the Revolutionary Army, who had finally agreed to meet with him in the Kamabakka Kingdom on the condition that the okama be on their best behaviour. However, during their meeting, Boltman and the YONBOTS attacked. Ivankov cheered upon seeing Boltman, who he thought was a fellow Revolutionary due to his assassination of Kong, but grimaced when he realized that Boltman was not on either side. During their duel, Ivankov attempted to inject Boltman with supercharged female hormones, but they had no effect due to his bizarre nature. This mistake was Ivankov's downfall, who Boltman then electrocuted until death.[3]

Ivankov's corpse sank into Momoiro's ocean when the Kamabakka Kingdom's foundations were destroyed by the YONBOTS.


Ivankov did not fight with traditional weapons, preferring instead to battle hand-to-hand. The fingertips of his gloves contained small syringes filled with magical female hormones, which when exposed to, could transform any human or human-like male into a female. Ivankov enjoyed tormenting his enemies by turning them into females mid-combat. He tried injecting Boltman with these hormones during their duel, but they had no effect on the Yellow Fellow.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Incredible Strength - His brute strength was so great that one karate chop sent out a dangerous, slicing shockwave of air.
  • Incredible Agility - He easily pulled off swift maneuvres and flying leaps without much effort.
  • Unknown Martial Arts - Ivankov was a user - perhaps master - of a martial arts style that easily overwhelmed Zev.


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