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Elfman Strauss
Beast-Arm Elfman
Unknown; human or human-like
Mirajane Strauss (older sister)
Home Reality

Elfman Strauss is Mirajane's younger brother. He is what you might call the 'Strong and Silent' type. Elfman is one of the founding members of the Conquistadores Guild along with his sister. For some reason he is unable to perform full-body Transformations like his sister -- However, he can do some things with his Transformations that his sister can't. Elfman is very close to his sister, and will do almost anything if it's for her well-being.



He is a huge, well-muscled, tall man, with wild, spiky, standing hair of the same snow white as Mirajane's, the same cobalt blue eyes, and a small stitched-up scar going from below his left eye to the left corner of his mouth. He normally wears a long black coat, black gloves, plaid dark blue and light blue pants and black boots.


Elfman is usually very quiet, with a stern outward appearance. However, he wasn't always like this -- He used to have a personality almost exactly like his sister, but an event in his past caused his heart to be mostly closed-off to everyone but his sister, and he's only very recently started opening up to others. One remnant of his kinder past self is his love of animals; he has a bad tendency to bring injured animals back to his house and nurse them back to health, even if those animals are normally quite dangerous. Also, very sad stories or touching moments between friends have been known to easily move him to tears.


All of Elfman's appearances in the RPG were lost in the Great Dataclysm. All we know is that he was one of the founding members of the Conquistadores Guild, along with his sister Mirajane Strauss, Mistgun, Erza Scarlet, Gildartz Clive, and Zev Raregroove himself.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Transformation Magic - Not much has been shown of Elfman's transformations, but it is known that he is unable to transform his entire body. He is only able to transform his limbs, and then only one limb at a time. He usually transforms his right arm to increase his punching power.
  • Beast Arm - This Take Over style revolves around Elfman transforming his arm to increase punching power.
  • Black Bull - Increases the muscle mass in Elfman's right arm, as well as covering it in a thin layer of glossy black fur and causing a bovine horn to grow out to the side from his shoulder.
  • Iron Bull - Exactly the same shape as before, but made completely of iron.


  • Elfman tends to refer a lot to things like 'as a man' and 'manliness', i.e., "As a man, I cannot allow anyone to disrespect my sister!!"
  • It's curious how 'Elfman' is such a cute name for how rather intimidating he is, whether it's intentional or not.
  • One day, Elfman's pet firechick (think a tiny, less powerful version of a phoenix) flew away and he spent three days straight searching for it. The search finally climaxed with Elfman defeating an entire pack of werewolves in a bareknuckles brawl to save the firechick from becoming lunch.

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